Peter Mason

Peter has become known as a teacher who dares to take on the improbable. Whether it is taking students trekking in Nepal or building a million dollar rock climbing facility, Peter is committed to going the extra mile for students.

As a high school teacher for over 31 years, Mr. Mason is a man who believes that community involvement is at the heart of a successful life. He has been the driving force behind building a million-dollar rock-climbing facility for his school and community. He has developed outdoor education programs for his students and has been awarded the Gerry York Moving to Inclusion Award from the Active Living Alliance, a national body that promotes the inclusion of students with special needs. Peter is passionately interested in speaking with people about making a difference in their places of work and in their communities as well as getting on the move by walking.


A Step in the Right Direction

We are vigorous, active animals that do well when we move and badly when we are sedentary. The movement that comes naturally to humans is walking; people should be walking nearly every day. Peter loves walking and loves talking about it. Regardless of where you are on the continuum of fitness, you will be informed, given hope and encouraged to start walking. This presentation will give you information about making and achieving walking goals, give you information about new developments in motivational tools such as software and pedometers, and give ideas about linking walking and fundraising. Take an hour and learn how and why to give yourself and others the gift of movement.