Dr. Martin Collis


Dr. Martin Collis is one of North America's foremost wellness speakers. A renowned authority on workplace wellness, Dr. Collis has earned his designation as a “Pioneer of Wellness.” He is one of the first four Canadians to be recognized by the U.S. and Canadian governments—for his work in inspiring life change. Using music, laughter and science, Dr. Collis’s presentations move audiences to improve personal and professional performance.

Dr. Collis has a rich and interesting background and he weaves these many threads from his academic and professional career into every presentation. He has a PhD from Stanford University for Exercise Physiology and re-wrote with colleagues from the University of Victoria the science of cold-water survival. He is also a co-developer of the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), which is used by millions of people entering exercise programs throughout North America.

Dr. Collis is the author of the first North American book on employee fitness for the Canadian government, and of Phacts of Life, a weight management book translated into five languages and serialized in Britain’s The Daily Express. His other publications include The Little Book of Lifestyle Artistry and Walking, Weight and Wellness which examines the life-changing role of walking in maintaining health.


Healing, Humor and High-Level Wellness: The M.E.L.L.O.W. Approach

This dynamic presentation focuses on lifestyle artistry and high-level performance at both the personal and professional levels. Dr. Collis gives fascinating insights into the functioning of the body and mind by taking his audience on an inspirational tour of the 6 points of high-level wellness: Magic of the Mind, Exercise, Laughter, Love, Optimal Nutrition and Wonder.

Human Soup for the Chicken Soul: For the Love of Laughter

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" said Victor Borge. Laughter helps us survive and it also has the ability to improve communication and to promote bonding in group situations. In this witty and stimulating presentation, Dr. Collis highlights the health benefits of laughter and how mirth is an important ingredient in a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy workplace.

The Power and the Glory

The human spirit is an unquenchable flame which burns within us all. In this inspirational talk, Dr. Collis will introduce you to the ordinary and not-so-ordinary heroes of his world and how passion and perseverance can lead to life-changing accomplishments.